Origami lamp

I folded the lamp shade using the Waterbomb crease pattern. The crease pattern is shown about where red = outline, green = mountain and blue = valley. For this lamp I used a laser cutter to etch the mountain and valleys into a sheet of Mylar. I've since gotten up to speed on CBA's Zund which will make future origami projects far easier. With this crease pattern, it's important to have paitence and thoroughly fold all creases separately before beginning to gather up the material. I found it useful to use scotch tape to hold together sections as I folded them folded them in order to free up your hand to fold the rest of it.

To make the base I poured Hydrostone into a partially failed folded piece. I tried to leave a hole down the center for the brass tubing to fit into, it was quite difficult to keep this vertical. In future attempts it would probably be wise to create a hydrostone base without a hole. Then take a second rubber mould of the Hydrostone and add a plug for the brass tube to this. Aside from this challenge, the base came out really nicely and was very easy to demould given.

I had a go at making a couple more lamps, one my my brother and one for my Mum.

I also tried making some curved crease designs on the Zund, below is an attempt at making a rather abstract birthday card.