I'm currently studying and carrying out research at MIT's Center for Bits and Atoms as part of the the Master of Arts and Sciences (MAS) program. I received a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Cambridge. Through placements, internships and jobs I've gained experience in manufacturing and robotics. At Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong I worked as a Product Manager to develop prototypes of hyper-realistic human robot faces. At the Cadbury's chocolate factory in the UK I investigated novel techniques for chocolate and caramel manufacturing. At the and the NASA Ames Research Center in California I helped develop a 3-axis gantry system to assemble ultra light weight cellular composite structures.

Outside of the lab I enjoy mountain biking, running and playing trombone in the School of Honk community brass band.


How to Make (Almost) Anything (MAS.683)

Computational Structural Design and Optimization (4.450)

The Nature of Mathematical Modelling (MAS.684)

Feedback Systems (6.320)

Bio-inspired Robotics (2.740)

Viral Political Action (MAS.S64)

How to Build Software (MAS.500)

Side projects

Testing alternative fabrics for composites

Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Molding

Origami lamp

Standing desk

Bike bags

Drill charging station